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In a Northern Town Far Far Away.

When I was a small child in the 70s, I was absolutely infatuated with all things Star Wars, I remember that Christmas ,when I got the Millennium Falcon and the AT-AT I nearly went into meltdown!

It was a world away from the mundane life of going to school, having a choice of three tv channels or playing on my bike outside in the wet. Don’t get me wrong I loved these activities also (except the school), but this allowed me complete escapism in my bedroom. The amount of battles I had which weren’t part of the franchise were endless.

I remember making space ships out of head and shoulders (shampoo bottles), where I would cut flaps out of the bottle sides and sit my figure inside. These were a necessity when it came to bath time, and really when I think of it late 70s early 80s I must never have had a proper wash.

Anyway nowadays you see any amount of Star Wars merch and it has sadly watered down the quality of the Items. 

This is why we at The Pupznutz have, and are, trying to track down the better and more unusual items, whether it’s official merch or handcrafted.

So come and look there might be something that puts you in touch with your warm fuzzy childhood memories.

And as Ronald Reagan once never said "you are never too old for StarWars".


If you have any Star Wars collectables that you would like to sell on The Pupznutz don’t hesitate to get in touch. We work commission based on approval of your Items.