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70's and 80's Childhood.

I was born in the 70s but my childhood memories didn’t really start until the 80s. The 80s ahh…..what a decade, never mind having to flex Adidas four stripe trainers around an extremely cruel and hostile school yard. Or wearing deely boppers at the annual caravan holiday disco, and thinking I looked The Pupz, but as far as Im concerned the 80’s were the era of the best TV and movies (in my opinion). And here are some of my reasons why.

You may not agree, but you would be wrong.


Back to the Future.





BJ and the Bear.




Ferris Bueller's day off.


Only Fools and Horses.


Friday The 13th.




Mr Benn.



Grange Hill.


The Never Ending Story.


The Young Ones.


Teen Wolf.


Multi-coloured swap shop.


The A-Team.


Press Gang.


Smokey and The Bandit.






Weird Science.


The Muppet Show.